Soul Immersion 

7 Gateways to the Soul

10 - 13 December 2021

Surrender - Deepen - Discover - Awaken - Stillness - Oneness - Love

Held at the Stunning Bungalows, Oakura, Taranaki



Imagine living life directed by your Soul, the inner light. It's possible and very real.

Immerse yourself into the essence of your own Soul and find your way home through the powerful and profound teachings of Kundalini yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dance, Ayurveda and more ...

What is Spring Soul Immersion?

Soul Immersion is a 4 day experience where you receive an invitation to Surrender to your Soul, listening Deeply to it's expression and Discover what lives within.

You will experience the Awakening of your true nature and witness the Stillness that speaks.

From this space Oneness abounds and Love is all that can be known at the core of your being.

  "Follow your Soul, it knows the way."

Great yogis have possessed the secret knowledge of human potentiality.

They have passed their practices and wisdom down through the ages from teacher to student in an unbroken chain. Not only are these teachings as much intact today as they were hundreds of years ago, they have evolved into forms now available to each and every person and are more essential for humanity than ever before.

"When the Soul is ready, the teacher will appear and in this case, you are your own teacher guided by your Soul"

For many, experiencing heightened states of vitality, energy or awareness is something that is rarely accessible and mostly unknown.

A life of bonafide joy seems somehow within reach…yet remains at an all too familiar distance. We were never given a map of our making…an owners manual for how we work.

What we’ve been told has lacked the intelligence we expect and the sophistication we deserve. We were never shown how to transform our depression to devotion, our anxiety into strength.

Soul Immersion gives you the gateways. It takes you on a phenomenal yogic and meditative adventure that develops tremendous inner power with a brilliant outer radiance!

The deepest layers of the Yogic teachings…

Are not something that can be taught on a webcast or by video.

There is an extremely powerful transmission that takes place when we gather together as a group energy.

There is a level of teaching that simply cannot be experienced any other way than in-person. It is not enough to know intellectually. It is not enough to understand without an experience of heightened prana pulsating through your own body and mind.

The problem with most of our problems is that they exist within the energetic space that we are currently living in. The Yogis knew this very well. The Yogic and Ayurvedic tools are designed to transport you from the space you currently inhabit…to an advanced ‘altitude’ where your current problems begin to dissipate.


    There will be active yoga sessions throughout the day, interwoven with inspiring yogic philosopy and Dharmic teachings. 



    This event is perfect for both the beginner, as well as the seasoned yogi. 



    a phenomenal group of like-minded people. A close-knit community quickly develops. 



    The Kundalini Yoga is taught in a way that is non-intimidating, easy to understand, simple to modify and highly enjoyable. 



    The meals are amazing, the scenery is beautiful and you’ll have an amazing time.


Please note that some times may vary. 

Day 1 

2 - 4.00pm ARRIVAL


6.00pm DINNER


Day 2 - Morning

5 - 7.00am: SADHANA (optional) 

8 - 9.00am: BREAKFAST

10 - 1.00pm: DEEPEN

Day 2 - Avo/Evening

1 - 3.00pm: LUNCH

3 - 5:00pm: DEEPENING

5:30 - 6.30pm: DINNER

7.00pm: DISCOVER

Day 3 - Morning

5 - 7.00am: SADHANA (optional) 

8 - 9.00am: BREAKFAST

9:30 - 12.30pm: AWAKEN

Day 3 - Avo/Evening

1 - 3pm: LUNCH

3 - 5:00pm: ONENESS

5:30 - 7.00pm: DINNER

7.00pm: LOVE

Day 4 - Morning

5 - 7.00am: SADHANA (optional) 

8 - 9.00am: BREAKFAST

9 - 10.30am: INTEGRATION


Staying at the stunning Bungalows on the West Coast of New Zealand 

Book your accommodation here

We will be staying at the beautiful Bunglalows venue perched on the hilltop 10 minutes drive outside of Oakura.  Please advise whether you would like to have a room of your own or be happy to share.  Accommodation is separate to the cost of the Immersion.  Price per night

  • $160 for a luxury suite
  • $120 for a private room in the main house
  • $90 for a shared room in main house.

From Bec in Whangamata

"Soreya is a charismatic teacher with an infectious sense of humour. Her teaching is uplifting, offering one the courage and creativity to live a happy and healthy life."

From Alex in Tauranga

Soreya creates a safe space with no pressure and for me it was pure relief just to be, breathe and reconnect with myself. 

From Di in the Coromandel

The Retreat was an amazing experience and if you can afford the time treat yourself to attend one
of these Retreats, you’ll come away feeling amazing !!!!