Soul Sanctuary Retreats & Trainings

Soul Sanctuary events, retreats  & trainings are held in beautiful venues across New Zealand & online.

In 2022 there is an opportunity to take a step towards the journey of a teacher, whether it be the teaching within or as a teacher to others.  If you are serious about your spiritual journey, consider taking our 9 month Soul Immersion Experience.  See details below.

"Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self"

Upcoming Events

Spring Soul Immersion

Immerse yourself into the essence of your Soul through the teachings of Kundalini yoga, meditation, dance, Ayurveda and much more ... 

November/December 2021
The Bungalows, Oakura

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Find the Teacher Within

Coming in 2022
Held in Oakura, Taranaki


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Spring Soul Immersion

November/December 2021


To immerse yourself into the Soul means to experience the essence of what it is to be the Soul.

Within these 4 days you will be guided through the Soul gateways of Surrender, Deepen, Discover, Awaken, Stillness, Oneness & Love.

These gateways are accessed through the lens of breath, sound, movement and meditation.  Come and take a journey into the essence of what it is to be you and guide yourself home. 


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training & Soul Immersion

9 Month Journey

Begins February 2022

Imagine being immersed in a training that encompasses the full embodiment of what it is to be your own teacher and/or the teacher of others.

Take your own practise to the next level or elevate your students with the addition of powerful meditations, mantras and yogic philosophy.

Take an inner journey and tap into your intuition, your guidance and your grace through the ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga and meditation.




~ Alex ~

"What a beautiful three days spent on a Soul Sanctuary retreat hosted by Soreya James. This women’s only retreat found me chanting and singing, immersed in the sound of uplifting voices and perfectly chosen music. This unpretentious, open, raw environment surrounded by nature and native New Zealand birds singing along with us was magical. Soreya creates a safe space with no pressure and for me it was pure relief just to be, breathe and reconnect with myself. I took an inner journey and with the kundalini yoga practices, breath work, and music I felt like I fast tracked to a place of peace and understanding. For anyone out there wanting to take a bit of time out for yourself I definitely recommend Soul Sanctuary."

~ Bec ~

"Soreya is a charismatic teacher with an infectious sense of humour. Her teaching is uplifting, offering one the courage and creativity to live a happy and healthy life."

~ Melissa ~

"Soreya James has much to offer.
She expresses a consistent kaleidoscope of raw honest vulnerability and a kind of humble, charming, bright shiney confidence any self doubting women can allow herself to be drawn to with absolute trust that she will come away better for having had the connection.
Soreya is relaxed and fun. Using Kundalini Yoga as her platform, Soreya's retreats are without rigid structure and her spontaneity brings an array of deeply useful information, insights and wisdom. Completely unpretentious...
Soreya's highest intentions are to love nurture and reflect the light, that all too often resides deeply buried, in all women, back to them, thus teaching us to rise and shine from whatever limitations our sometimes brutal and or stressful lives have or can inflict upon us.
Though being up close and personal with the kind of constant light that Soreya appears to display, can be intimidating for some, as the journey with Soreya unfolds you begin to realise this is no display, this is not an appearance, Soreya is love personified shining forth in one of the most stunningly authentic human women I've had the pleasure to know. Soreya aspires to great hieghts, talking openly about her ambitions, yet she possesses a seldom witnessed demonstration of equality that inspires others rather than intimidates, as is all to often experienced in our competitive world.
It is a rarity to meet with women and feel completely safe, held, nurtured, encouraged and as Soreya is, so does she attract ...
It is my pleasure and privilege to have been one of eleven deeply complex beautiful women who shared group conciousness for 3 days with Soryea James as our teacher."

~ Di ~

"I have just had the honour and privilege of attending a 3 day Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
Retreat at Ahu Ahu Villas, Taranaki facilitated by the beautiful Soreya James.
Along with 11 other lovely like minded ladies we were in a beautiful safe environment, guided
through yoga, meditation, breathe work, mantras, chanting, dancing by Soreya whom has so
much knowledge and articulates herself with love and grace and fun.
Melissa relentlessly toiled away in the kitchen preparing our beautiful vegetarian meals, they were
amazing. I’ve been doing Kundalini Yoga for approximately 10 months and am truely hooked, I’ve gained
confidence, I am calmer and just feel more at peace. The Retreat was an amazing experience and if you can afford the time treat yourself to attend one
of these Retreats, you’ll come away feeling amazing !!!!
Thank you Soreya and Melissa."

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Sometimes making a decision such as this can be challenging, if you want to know anything more, or simply have a conversation, please feel free to be in touch.