The Yoga of Awareness

Balances the mind

Awakens the heart

Connects you to your Soul

Gives you greater health & vitality 

Awakens your creativity

and so much more ...

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About Kundalini Yoga and Meditation


Having studied and practised various forms of yoga for over twenty years, never had I experienced something so profoundly transformational than in my first Kundalini yoga class.

What was different about this yoga practise?  I had my eyes closed, was not being adjusted or having to get into awkward pretzel positions.  I wasn't comparing myself with other students or even with myself.

I didn't have to be flexible, strong or have even practised yoga ever before.  All I had to do was sit and observe the subtle sensations taking place in my body after each exercise. 

Kundalini Yoga, otherwise known as 'The Yoga of Awareness' brought me into a direct experience with my soul.  That first class had me laughing hysterically, crying with gratitude and being so blissed out that I felt I was floating on Cloud 9, yet somehow I felt more grounded than I had in a long time.

I soon came to realise that this ancient form of yoga had been around for thousands of years and was a hidden secret until the early 70's when it was introduced to the western world... when we were ready!

I have been practising Kundalini yoga now for nearly a decade and have it as a part of my daily practise be it 3 minutes or 2 hours.  

The practise is a variation of breath, sound and movement utilising ancient technology and science to tap into the power of the intuition and teacher within.  Gone are the days where we need to reach outside of ourselves to a Guru for guidance, we are becoming our own inner Guru (guiding from darkness to light).  

We use mantra (sound current) to heal, breath practises to cleanse and purify and movement to prepare the body for meditation.  The meditations are vast and varied, covering everything from how to meditate to manifesting miracles, healing disease to connecting with the angelic realms.  

It is an incredible practise that liberates, elevates and connects us to the radiance that we are from the inside out.  I love teaching this practise, it never ceases to amaze me how powerful each practise is on both the physical and more subtle realms.

There are over 9000 exercises and meditations to tap into and can support you on all levels ...

"Kundalini Yoga has brought so much joy, peace, love and abundance into my life, I couldn't live without it"


Kundalini yoga does the following...

  -  purifies the blood

  - brings compassionate communication

  -  clears the subconscious mind

  -  supports mental balance and stability

  -  balances the hormonal system

  -  realigns the skeletal system

  -  supports the respiratory system

  -  opens and heals the heart

  -  clears the energy channels and centres                           


-  awakens us to our true purpose

- strengthens the nervous system

-  brings joy, connection, love and abundance

-  clears our energy field (magnetic field)

-  clears us of past karma and trauma

-  awakens our senses

-  brings abundance and prosperity

-  helps us tap into our life purpose and dharmic path

-  brings peace, calmness and serenity


"Yoga is the science of the self and Kundalini is the awakening of the self.  It's that simple"

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There are so many facets to this practise.  

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